the soap bakery

About Us

 A woman named Ro​sie, from Brooklyn NY, started making handmade soaps, using mostly ingredients from local markets. She enjoyed cooking up her soaps so much that very soon she decided to invent more new recipes.

The soaps started catching on among friends, family and the neighbors. People started asking for the soaps along with gifts baskets for their special occasions or thank you gifts, and suddenly "The Soap Bakery" was a true business.

All of Rosie's handmade soaks, fizzy oil bath bombs, and her homemade brown sugar body scrubs are made by hand with the finest fragrances and ingredients. Rosie calls most of her soaps "food soaps" because they contain ingredients like figs, vanilla, oatmeal and real fruit extracts. They look and smell good enough to eat!

Due to high demand on our Sugar Scrubs and Body Butter

we will be concentrating and selling only  these two products from here on in.

We are a small natural hands on business, and this was a choice we made

that would not  take from our time and effort we choose to put into our products..

Rosie Polito, holds a New York State License in Cosmetology